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Premium Service

Do you want to make Cheap or even Free International Calls?

We provide a premium service for callers wishing to make cheap or even free calls internationally.

Calls cost 13 pence per minute plus your phone companies access charge. You may also use your inclusive 0870 call minutes to call at no charge per minute. Remember to check with your service provider how many inclusive minutes you can dial to 0870 numbers for per month.

Access Numbers

Use any of the access numbers below:

  • 0870 494 7906
  • 0870 494 7907
  • 0870 494 7908
  • 0870 494 7909

N.B. Our 0870 access numbers may be used from UK and selected international Destinations such as Australia and Jamaica. Callers in these destinations may be able to call the countries below using our 0870 access numbers. Please check your call plan terms before using the service. If you are calling from a non UK destination, you may test this service by making a short call from your international bundle minutes to see whether you are connected from your international bundle minutes.

Jamaica Mobile Bundle Providers

Digicel International Call plan (see International calls section)

Flow International Call plan

Destinations Available Include


  • Argentina landline
  • Brazil landline
  • Canada landline and mobile
  • Mexico landline
  • USA landline and mobile
  • Venezuela landline and mobile


  • UK landline and mobile
  • France landline and mobile
  • Germany landline and mobile
  • Italy landline and mobile
  • Spain landline and mobile


  • Bangladesh landline and mobile
  • China landline and mobile
  • Hong Kong landline and mobile
  • India landline and mobile
  • Pakistan landline and mobile
  • Singapore landline and mobile
  • Thailand landline and mobile


  • Nigeria landline and mobile


  • Australia landline
  • New Zealand landline

Cheap International Call Service provider:

Evolcom Ltd, 3b Lockheed Court, Preston Farm Business Park, Stockton On Tees, TS18 3SH, UK

Helpline: 0303 0310 227 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday