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Phone call cost from 0800 0870 090 020

How much does a phone call cost? This is not always obvious to the average consumer.

It seems so difficult to understand what the cost of a call is when there are so many types of numbers such as 0800 0870 090 020 numbers.

Phone Call Cost Calculator

However, we have found a tool from Ofcom which can help you to understand the cost of a call from 0800 0870 090 020 numbers. This is really helpful as it also shows links to the various phone providers and details of their access charges.

Ofcom Call Costs Calculator

Remember when you call our 08 iinstant dial numbers for cheap international calls that we give full details on the service charge and access charge so that you have full details of charges.

From our 0870 access numbers, you can make free calls as as these numbers are included as part of your calling plan when calling from a BT landline. This means that you won’t be charged if you call during your inclusive calling periods . A fair usage policy applies with a maximum of 1,000 minutes or 150 calls a month. If either of these limits on inclusive calls is exceeded, BT will charge for these calls.