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Cheap International Calls from Jamaica

It has been found that 0870 access numbers may be used from UK and to make cheap international calls from Jamaica and other selected international Destinations such as Australia. Callers in Jamaica may be able to call the countries below using our 0870 access numbers. Please check your call plan terms before using the service. If you are calling from a non UK destination, you may test this service by making a short call from your international bundle minutes to 0870 494 9747 to see whether you are connected from your international bundle minutes.

This has been tried by a number of users and found to enable calls to additional destinations, thus extending the number of destinations available when you use some Jamaica mobile international plans.

Jamaica Mobile Bundle Providers

Digicel International Call plan (see International calls section)

Flow International Call plan

Please see details of access numbers for cheap international calls from Jamaica Click Here »

This opens cheap international calls from Jamaica to many more international destinations. We cannot say for certain how long this method of making cheap international calls from Jamaica will be around, so use it while it lasts. But don’t be surprised if it ends one day.