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Welcome to Calling Cards Direct

Get cheap calling cards direct to your email or mobile phone at discount prices for fantastic value international calls from the UK! Buy calling cards direct 24/7 delivered instantly by email and SMS text message. We give you full information on all phone cards with No Hidden fees! See our Featured Cards for great savings on your International Calls with our fantastic value phone cards!

Stay in touch with friends and family abroad with a pre-paid online calling card. Calling Cards Direct allows you to make international calls from your mobile or landline cheap or even free! You don’t need to go to the shops to buy calling cards, you don’t need to buy an extra mobile SIM card for international calls. Simply purchase from our convenient website at any time, so you can start making calls immediately any time day or night.

New Service – Free international calls using your inclusive minutes

Enjoy free international calls using your inclusive minutes from mobiles and landlines! If you have inclusive minutes to 0870 numbers from your home, office or mobile phone then simply dial our 0870 number before you dial your international number! You will be able to make free international calls from your inclusive minutes using this service.

Inclusive calls to 0870 numbers are offered by many major UK phone services providers as part of their call plans at certain times, see below for details. This enables you to make inclusive international calls to 80+ countries worldwide for FREE using our access number from your inclusive call minutes.

If you have inclusive 0870 calls from BT, Plusnet, Virgin, SSE, Sky or EE, Vodafone and Virgin Mobiles, make free international calls using inclusive minutes. See details of call plans from phone providers offering inclusive 0870 calls below.

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Cheap Calling Cards Destinations

Enjoy Calls to Hundreds of International Destinations at our Fantastic Value Rates including:

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Featured Cards

calling cards direct - ccd value calling cards

CCD Value 10 Phonecard

Price: £10.00

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ccd saver 20 calling cards direct

CCD Saver 20

Price: £20.00 £18.49

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ccd connect calling cards

CCD Connect 10

Price: £10.00

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CCD Freedom Phonecard – New

Price: £10.00

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calling cards direct - ccd text calling cards

CCD Text Phonecard

Price: £10.00

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ccd saver 10 calling cards

CCD Saver 10

Price: £10.00 £9.50

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Other Cheap Calling Services

FREE International Calls - 100+ Destinations now included


If you have inclusive minutes to 0870 numbers from your home, office or mobile phone then simply dial 0870 494 0956 now!

Step 1: Dial 0870 494 0956
Step 2: Enter your full destination number followed by #

Calls to our 0870 number cost 13p/min plus your providers access charge or can be made from your inclusive 0870 minutes.

That’s it, you can enjoy FREE calls!

Most landline phone providers such as BT, Virgin, Plusnet, SSE and Sky include calls to 0870 numbers as part of your inclusive bundles/minutes. This is also the case with many mobile phone providers such as Virgin Mobile, Vodafone, EE (including T Mobile, Orange) and BT Mobile.

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Cheap Calls using 3 UK Mobile Shortcodes


Our amazing new service enables you to make international calls from 3 Mobiles contract and PAYG phones with rates from just 3p/min.

  • No prepayment or credit card needed
  • No connection fee or hidden fees
  • No extra bill to pay
  • Billing is per second from your phone credit
  • Available from 3 Mobile Contract and PAYG

How to make Cheap International Calls from 3 Mobiles

  1. Simply dial the short code starting ‘355’ on your 3 contract or PAYG mobile
  2. At the prompt, enter your full international number starting with 00

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Instant Dial Numbers


Make fantastic savings on international calls when you call our access numbers from any UK phone, without the need to register or give your details. Enjoy instant cheap calls with our access numbers which you can find when you go to our instant dial numbers page.

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Phonecards by Text Message


Make fantastic savings on international calls without the need to register or give your details. Top up your mobile with international call credit by simply sending a text message to our short code.

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Use our phonecards when travelling outside the UK

Calling Cards Direct call credit can be used from different countries around the world. If you wish to make a call while abroad, simply dial the appropriate access number, followed by your destination number in a full format (including the country and area codes) and finish with #.

Note: Costs are shown in pence per minute and are in addition to phonecard rates and roaming charges.

Calling Cards Direct – Why we’re better

That is a big claim to make, but we are confident that we at Calling Cards Direct can prove this. Just read on and we’ll tell you why.

Some phonecards claim to offer thousands of minutes and when you use them, the minutes just seem to disappear into thin air. That’s because that is exactly what happens. One of the most popular phonecards deducts 4 minutes for every minute that you talk for. So you see 8000 minutes in the advert, but really you get less than 2000 minutes after you take into consideration the maintenance and connection fees.

We don’t do that. We are an ethical business which believes in providing great value and trustworthy information. We try to treat our customers fairly, the way we want to be treated. So if we say there are No Connection fees and No Maintenance fees, we mean it and we don’t hide other charges to speed up the reduction of your call credit.

So why not give us a try. Our phonecards have a minimum of 60 days and a maximum of 180 days to use your call credit. We are confident that you will not be disappointed.

Benefits of buying from Calling Cards Direct

  1. Call Hundreds of Countries with cheap calling cards from 0p/min.
  2. Call 03 access numbers from mobile networks free inclusive minutes.
  3. Your PIN is delivered to you instantly via SMS text message or e-mail.
  4. We give full information on all associated calling card charges.
  5. Save money! Phonecards are one of the cheapest way to Call Abroad
  6. You can buy our Calling Cards online at any time of day or night 24/7.

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