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Unlimited Calling Cards from UK

1. Calling Card for Unlimited Calls to more than 50 countries

Keep in touch with family and friends abroad at the cheapest possible rates. Make unlimited calls to more than 50 international destinations from your home or mobile phone. Unlimited calling from the UK.


CCD Freedom Phonecards

CCD Freedom phonecard has crystal clear connections and the cheapest international rates of 0p/min to more than 50 international destinations.

  • No Maintenance Fee
  • Connection Fee – 6p per call

Access number and pin details will be sent through via email.

Phonecard Price: £10.00

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2. Subscribe by Text Message and get Unlimited Calls to 40 countries

Subscribe by text message to our Unlimited Calling Cards service and fix your international call spend at the affordable price of £10 per 30 days!

Pay £10 via premium SMS text message and make Unlimited International Calls to 40 international destinations per 30 day period. Only Destinations listed below are included in our Unlimited service. Service available for Orange, O2, T-Mobile, Vodafone and 3UK users only.

Unlimited Calling Cards Destinations

Argentina Australia Belgium Brazil Rio
Brazil Sao Paulo Canada Canada Mobile China
China Mobile Colombia Denmark Cyprus South
France Germany Greece Hong Kong
Hong Kong Mobile Hungary Ireland Israel
Italy Malaysia Netherlands New Zealand
Norway Portugal Poland Romania
Russia Singapore South Korea Spain
Sweden Switzerland Taiwan Thailand
Turkey UK (0800, 0808, 0500) USA USA Mobile
*N.B. – Not Available to Virgin Mobile users. The unlimited call service can only be used from the mobile number used for the subscription to our service. To fully benefit from the service, you will need a mobile phone sim that enables you to make inclusive calls to UK landlines as calls to our access number 0344 545 1204 are charged at the standard rate to a UK landline.

How to make Unlimited International Calls from UK

  1. Send the SMS Text Message UNLCCD to £10 Shortcode 67400.
  2. You will receive a Free Reply Message with Details of our Service.
  3. Opt into the service by sending a reply SMS text message AGREE to 67400.
  4. You will then receive a billed premium SMS text message costing £10.
  5. You can start right away making unlimited calls.
  6. 30 Days after previous successful SMS a new SMS MT Billed message is sent (occurs every 30 days) until STOP command is received. (i.e. Text STOP to 67400).
  7. Next Call Package period starts on day 31 (which is now day 1 of a new period).
  8. You will also receive a monthly free message containing Product Information.
  9. To make a call, Dial 0344 545 1204 + 00 + Country Code + Destination Number.
  10. You can only subscribe to the service once in the same period from the same mobile number. If you send a second request; a free message will be sent to advise that you have subscribed already.

Unlimited International Calls Subscription Service

30 days after subscribing, you will receive another billed Premium SMS. This will occur every 30 days until you opt out. The next Call period starts on day 31st.

Opting Out

You may opt out at anytime by sending STOP to 67400.

Unlimited International Calls – Terms and Conditions

Ask bill payer/s permission before using the service. Text to 67400 costs £10 plus your standard mobile network rates Our service is a subscription service and you will be charged £10 every 30 days; you may opt out at anytime by sending STOP to 67400. Calls to our 0344 545 1204 access number will be the same as 01 or 02 and charged at standard rate to a landline or included in your call package. Call duration is restricted to 60 minutes per call. Calls are subject to a fair usage policy. The service is not available to the Virgin mobile customers. Service provider: Story Telecom Ltd. Helpline 02084979210.