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Calling Card Fees


Some phonecards claim to offer thousands of minutes and when you use them, the minutes just seem to disappear into thin air. That’s because that is exactly what happens.

One of the most popular phonecards deducts 4 minutes for every minute that you talk for. So you see 8000 minutes in the advert, but really you get less than 2000 minutes after you take into consideration the maintenance and connection fees. What do you think about that?

We don’t think that is fair to our users.

We are an ethical business which believes in providing great value and trustworthy information. We try to treat our customers fairly, the way we want to be treated. So if we say there are No Connection fees and No Maintenance fees, we mean it and we don’t hide other charges to speed up the reduction of your call credit.

You can use our phonecards with confidence - that's guaranteed!

Visit us at and find out why our users tend to stay with us - for years....

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